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The BFH.org started as one of numerous activities the youth group did to keep active. As the group learned about Mexican folkloric dance, they felt the need to continue learning of Mexico’s rich heritage and share their knowledge and experience year-round to a broader audience.

With this, the Ballet Folklórico Huehuecoyotl was established in 1996 as a non-profit organization under the direction of founder, Julian Hernandez.

In 2000, the children’s group was created under the guidance of Cynthia Hernandez so that the knowledge gained could be shared and passed onto the younger generations giving them the opportunity to learn about their heritage while engaging in a healthy activity.

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Members 2021‐2022 Season

Grupo 1 Infantil

(Front) Ariel Beristain, Sophia Rojas, Victoria Niestedt, Noah Orpia, Fabio Diaz Matus, Alejandro Diaz Matus

Grupo 2 Niños

(Front) Gabriela Anaya, Lori Anderson, Zoe Villarreal, Camila Fernandez, Denise Sanchez,
Marcos Hernandez, Diego Bautista
(Not Pictured) Viviana Bedolla, Paloma Conejo

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Save the Date

Save the Date: December 9 @ 6:00pm BFH Gracias awards at Villa Olivia.

Auditions/Audiciones January/Enero 27