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They are those choreographic assemblies in which, after of to have made an exhausted investigation arrives to be mounted in stage selecting the most representative as far as the choreographic, musical form and customs, with the purpose of unifying a style in which it predominates the original and single manifestation and only could to add some personal aspects of the choreographer, to obtain one conjugation of reality with creativity in a required atmosphere and scientifically planned.

The Music
The music selected for the integration of a repertoire could be selected of varied forms, from the aborigine to the academic, going through variations and arrangements, but nevertheless
It could be classified in the following:


The Music that the Ballet Folklorico Huehuecoyotl, interprets are as follows:

The Folkloric
Is born from the pueblo and for the pueblo, is anonymous and only it has mixed elements from other cultures unconsciously, not premeditated. Is interpreted for musicians with good musical instrumentation and the language of the songs varies from the their own dialects, in Spanish on its totally or just fragments.  

The Traditional
Is the one that is transmitted from fathers to sons on its musical form like the letter of the songs, in this case the author is known and re-known and the composition of origin has knowledge basic of music, the parts the composed the songs have been conscience study and well fixed with a determinate regional tendency, and the knowledge of the melodic variants has been intentionally.

The Popular
The first plan for this music is commercial, the commercially studies,
In this gender naturally like in the others, one can find good quality pieces, is here where the publicity element practically could cause that one musical gender turn out into an hit or failure.
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